10 Creative Ways to Keep Math Skills Sharp Over Summer

May 22, 2015

Today we feature a guest blog from Cait Fitz, a school psychologist, homeschooling parent, and the voice behind the blog, My Little Poppies. We asked her to give us some pointers on how to integrate some fun math-focused skills into the summer schedule ahead. One year ago, we found ourselves suddenly, unexpectedly, homeschooling our eldest son. I knew it was the right path for our family, but the thought of teaching math filled me with my math anxiety of old. I’ll never forget the moment that those fears were squelched. It was Memorial Day weekend last year and we were spending the holiday at my parents’ condo in the mountains. Well, my parents’ place is on a small golf course – which… Read More


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Pretending: When it’s ok to be someone you’re not

May 15, 2015

Yesterday, my six-year-old announced that she and her good friend had swapped lunches for the week, pretending to be one another. “I had a salami sandwich and no pickles. And she had a bagel, cream cheese, yogurt and two pickles.” The pickles were a key part to this story. It’s evidence that each girl had embraced their alter ego’s preferences with full commitment. My daughter has had her regular order of a bagel with cream cheese, yogurt and two pickles for most of the last 100 plus days of school. Had I suggested she mix it up a bit, I’d have been met with a firm “no.” She really likes pickles. But when she pretended to be her friend, she… Read More


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6 Facts You Wanted to Know about Teacher Appreciation Week (but were afraid to ask a teacher)

May 1, 2015

May 4th-8th is Teacher Appreciation Week here in the United States. As they say, we do not need to wait until this week in May to show our appreciation. Still, let’s spend a bit of time talking about the big event. Here are my: 6 Facts You Wanted to Know about Teacher Appreciation Week (but were afraid to ask a teacher) Teacher appreciation Week in the United States was started by the National PTA in 1984 and designated as the first week in May. The social media hashtag for posts related to Teacher Appreciation Week is: #ThankATeacher The National PTA Facebook page will post a different question each day of the week. Join the discussion on their Facebook wall and post comments or… Read More


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Avoid the Summer Slide in Reading with Online Newspapers

April 24, 2015

According to the nonprofit Reading is Fundamental, “Children who do not read over the summer lose more than two months of reading achievement.” And because reading loss is cumulative, the organization says that by the end of 6th grade, “children who lose reading skills over the summer will be 2 years behind their classmates.” So, what’s a busy family to do? One inexpensive, engaging and fun way to keep nonfiction reading comprehension skills sharp is to encourage children to start the day with a morning newspaper. A mature high school student may be just find reading the entire “A section” of The New York Times, but I’m not a fan of handing it over to my nine year old along… Read More


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Advice from our Learning Specialists: How to Prepare for an IEP Meeting

April 17, 2015

It’s IEP Season, that time of year when parents and school teams meet to review the following year’s Individualized Educational Program, (IEP) or the plan students receiving special education services will have to meet their academic goals. It can be a stressful time for families. For this week’s blog, I interviewed Dr. Wendy Matthews, a psychologist in the Princeton area who spent over 30 years in private practice specializing in children and adolescents. In that time, Dr. Matthews administered hundreds of psycho-educational evaluations to children. She is now a vital part of the Mindprint team. 1.  What materials should parents bring with them to the IEP meeting? All past and present evaluations, doctors’ written comments as well as therapist (speech/psych/tutor) written comments. 2. Who should you insist… Read More


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